Monday, August 28, 2006

A Strategy for GNOME?

So, with the upcoming release of GNOME 2.16, I started thinking about GNOME 2.18 (logical, no?). I looked on for information, but there was none (on 2.18 or 2.17) that I could find.

In desperation, I turned to all items on l.g.o that belong to "Category Roadmap". I have to say, if anyone wants to plan a journey using that map, you had better have plenty of supplies, because you are bound to get lost along the way ;-)

In even greater desperation, I started thinking about plans for the future of GNOME. Now, while I feel the force of arguments along the lines of "evolutionary change versus planned change", I can't help but think that it would be nice to know what the (random, naturally selected) change is for. It seems clear that GNOME aims for more than mere survival; but if our goal is more than survival, then what is it?

So I created in the hope that people who really know what's going on can share it with the rest of us, so we can help. (I was going to call it Goals, but I thought that would be too similar to and would cause confusion.)

If you have any views on the goals that GNOME has, or should have, and how to achieve them, please visit and edit that page.