Sunday, February 05, 2006

Things about GNOME that Rock, Number Four

When I started this series, I said that I would blog about things that suck and rock on alternate days. I got out of sequence, posting two sucks in a row, so now I am posting the second rock in a row, because I am the kind of guy who likes things balanced.

So, Rock Number Four: Search functionality. Specifically deskbar-applet, Beagle and Dashboard. These (and other related) tools are seriously cool, and help me in my daily work immensely. I know that Beagle isn't specifically a GNOME application but it is the focus on findability (of objects) that I want to point out as an area of GNOME that is Way Cool.

Now, the bad news. I have decided I can't keep up with the Rocks. (It's so much easier to criticize.) But on the other hand, I seriously can't think of many more things about GNOME that "suck" either. I think I will do one more "suck" and then rename the series (in view of the upcoming GUADEC track) "Thoughts about ToPaZ", in other words, "Things about GNOME that could be improved, but don't actually suck."

Stay tuned. Or not. :-)


Aldo "xoen" Giambelluca said...

IMHO beagle should be more integrated into GNOME, because search fast is better for all :)

Alexandre said...

Ahem, what? Are you really using dashboard? :) Does it still compile with recent GNOME after all these years?

Aldo "xoen" Giambelluca said...

Hi, I've blogged about XGL and some GNOME MockUps, you can read this entries to see where GNOME could and should will go ;)

You can also say me what do you think ;)