Friday, January 06, 2006

GNOME Miniconf in Dunedin

Hello fellow freedom lovers! As some of you may know, is in Dunedin, New Zealand this year. That is where I live, so I thought I would attend. :-)

I will be presenting in the GNOME MiniConf, talking about marketing GNOME. I have quite a few thoughts on the matter, but almost none of them are original to me. I think about marketing GNOME quite a bit, but most of this thinking is evaluating the ideas and opinions of others.

So, unless you want to see another article from me in GNOMEJournal that is just a rehash of stuff you've already seen elsewhere, please contact me ( with your thoughts on:

  1. What {are | should be} the goal(s) of the GNOME marketing team?

  2. How effective is the marketing team at achieving these goals?

  3. What is the marketing team doing right?

  4. What is the marketing team doing wrong?

  5. What is the marketing team not doing (that they should be doing)?

Now the punch line: You are all on the GNOME marketing team. You are just not full-time marketers. You are part-time marketers. Every time you change a GNOME "product", or interact with one of GNOME's stakeholders, you are performing a marketing function. Marketing is about (all the activities that achieve the goal of)matching the desires and capabilities of the organisation with the desires of the market. And since GNOME is a loose network organisation, YOU are, in a sense, "the organisation". Yes, YOU, punk. I'm looking at YOU.

That is all.


gnrfan said...

Here's one based on your photo:

Andrew said...

Yes! We definately need to fix some bugs in GNOME for 2.16!